The Egg Diet

enrico-mantegazza-710227-unsplashThe excitement to lose weight while eating only eggs is everywhere. The claims are all over the internet. “Lose 22 to 24 pounds by eating only eggs everyday”. I agree with the fact that you can loose weight by eating mostly eggs. That is possible. Eating mostly eggs everyday does not sound healthy. The truth is that, it is not healthy. Before you dive in head-first, however, allow me to share with you a few reasons why eating eggs on a daily basis with the intent to create weight loss is immensely unhealthy for you.

Now don’t get me wrong, eggs are extremely healthy for you. It is one food that is almost “balanced”. A balanced diet refers to one that gives your body all the proper nutrients it needs to function at optimal levels.  Always remember that no one food on earth contains all the essential vitamins and minerals your body needs for optimal function so we as humans must compensate this by always eating a wide variety of foods to get the most benefits.  A healthy chicken, duck, or goose egg contains so many essential vitamins and minerals needed for optimal health like Choline (supports memory, helps to transport cholesterol from the liver to body parts that need it so there is not a build up of fat in or around the liver), Selenium (a powerful antioxidant that is needed for optimal thyroid function), and Vitamins B1 and B7 which contain sulphur which is very necessary for flushing out toxins effectively out of the body. However, If you decide to follow most of the egg diets, you will not be getting all the vitamins and minerals you need to effectively boost your metabolism inorder for you to see those dramatic changes in total fat loss. Although you get a lot of vitamin and nutrients, you are not getting fiber, vitamin K and other very important compounds  you.

Most egg diets restrict your daily caloric intake around 800 to 1000. But it is hard for your brain to properly function at that level of caloric intake. Where are you taking energy to go through the day? Your body has to do drastic things like deplete your muscle mass to provide energy to break down the little food you have ingested and to make energy available for you to complete your daily activities. Remember, eggs have very little carbohydrates which is needed for quick energy supply.

The quality of eggs you are eating is something to pay close attention to. One way you can actually benefit from consuming all these great vitamins and mineral in the eggs is by actually consuming real, organic, pasture-raised eggs  which aren’t very cost-effective.  When your egg carton says “cage free”, it does not mean they let them roam around in the pasture. They may not necessarily be caged in. They could be fenced in. If your egg carton is labelled  “vegetarian diet”, it does not necessarily mean that the poultry feed was free from GMO soy or corn, for example. Unless you are getting eggs in cartons labelled “organic” and/or “pasture raised” eggs, you are probably not getting quality eggs. This means that you are continuously loading your body with things other than the natural vitamins and minerals you are actually after. So the question here is, what exactly are in those eggs? In other words, how healthy are the eggs you are eating day in and day out?

As I stated earlier, I believe you can lose weight on eating eggs only. The question is, are you losing water or fat? The weight you initially lose will be from loss of water and not exactly from fat. Your body naturally needs water to store carbohydrates. That is how your body is able to keep carbohydrates in your body. With the egg diet and the drastic reduction of carb intake, water automatically leaves the body in enough quantities for you to step on the scale and see a dramatic ‘positive’ change in numbers.

Eggs are extremely nutritious and should be an important part of your daily diet, but the idea of eating trays of eggs just because they are healthy is definitely not a healthy idea. Eat a balanced meal of various fruits, vegetables, carbohydrates and proteins to promote a healthy lifestyle. Add exercise into the mix to get the best out of it. Whatever you do, stay away from diets, especially the egg diet.




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