The Importance of the ‘Rainbow Diet’

sharon-pittaway-98257-unsplash (1)Many people associate eating healthy with eating boring and tasteless green vegetables. The idea of just biting and chewing an apple a day to keep the doctor away is hardly exciting enough to keep many of us interested in eating these fruits and vegetables for our own benefits. The revolutionary idea of “eating a rainbow” is not only appealing to kids, but to adults as well. There is something lively and encouraging about different colors. A plate of green spinach does not sound or look as appealing as a plate of strawberries, grapefruit, and fresh green spinach sounds; the variety of colors are more inviting. The other reason is that, the different colors mean different added benefits to the body. The different colors provide significantly different antioxidants, vitamins, and nutrients to the body. To improve your chances of staying healthy and managing your weight better, eat the rainbow! Let’s look at the different colors and why they are important in your weight loss journey.


vishang-soni-100402-unsplash (1).jpgRED

When you include red fruits and vegetables in your meal, you increase the chances of your body to be protected against all cancers, fight cancer if you have already been diagnosed with it, decrease the risk of heart disease, normalize your blood pressure, reduce your risk of diabetes, or manage your present diabetic condition. Include strawberries, sauteed tomatoes, watermelons, and red peppers in all your meals in order to improve your chances of losing weight especially in the stomach area.


charity-beth-long-629533-unsplashYELLOW and ORANGE

You can find these two colors in a variety of fruits and vegetables in your area. Including these in your meals help to improve your vision over time, promote health in your joints, reduce joint pains, and, most of all, protects your skin against pollution. So include more lemons, pineapples, sweet potatoes, carrots, oranges in all your meals to get the added benefits from these.



Most green fruits and vegetables will help to detoxify your body, help with digestion and prevent constipation and most importantly strengthen your immune system. This is why green vegetables are an important component of every meal. They contain chlorophyll which make them green. Chlorophyll is full of powerful antioxidants that provide the health benefits mentioned above. So add kiwi, green apples, spinach, broccoli, kale, lettuce, or cucumbers to your daily meals to improve your metabolism and eventually see a positive difference on your scale.


hugo-aitken-1329248-unsplashBLUE and PURPLE

These colors do not sound appealing when it comes to eating anything but foods with this color, are very beneficial for the body cells, the speed of overall metabolism and thus weight management. These foods have the important job of protecting cells from damage, improve memory and promoting youthfulness at all stages of life. This is why including things like purple cabbage, blackberries, blueberries, purple potatoes and eggplants in your diet is crucial in your weightloss journey.



This color sounds very bland. Does not even seem to be a rainbow color. But what kind of benefits can you get from eating white stuff? Doesn’t sound too appealing. Well white fruits and vegetables help balance your hormones, improve bone health, and prevent and help treat cancers by reducing inflammation in body cells and environment. So include cauliflower, onions, garlic and bananas in all your daily meals. This habit will help you to easily manage your weight over time.


So next time you prepare a plate for yourself or for your children, ask yourself how many colors of the rainbow you see on the plate. The more variety, the better for your health and weight management. While wishing you the best in your weight loss journey, always check a brand new article with amazing up to date weight loss tips every Monday on this blog site. If you loved this information, please don’t forget to share it to your loved ones.






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  1. Ruth Sakwe says:

    Very interesting and knowledgeable, am into it right now, I really need to lose this belly fat.


    1. Coach Kay Mashfire says:

      Thanks Ruth for taking time to read the article. Always check this site for a brand new up to date article on health tips every Monday.


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