3 Simple Ways To Get More Energy Naturally

fitness-332278_1280 (1)With so much to do around the house, numerous business and other professional commitments, it sometimes seems like everyone you know needs not only a  personal assistant but also twenty four plus hours in one day just to complete all necessary tasks and get enough sleeping time at night. It may sometimes feel like at the moment when you are just getting the best of your deep sweet sleep, your  morning alarm rudely decides to go off.  Really? You wake up so tired with even less energy than the previous day  and yet another full day of work and more commitments. Can you relate to this? This is exactly  why most people will quickly jump at the chance of taking a quick 20 minute mid afternoon power nap. Same reason why a lot of people will grab a snack from the vending machine or extra caffeine from drinks like coffee, sodas and energy drinks about two hours after their regular lunch to stay “awake”. The problem is that after these unhealthy snacks,  will come another crash more feeling of fatigue.  There are so many simple tips that you can implement or eliminate from your diet inorder to always feel super energized with optimum mental focus and clarity. Let us discuss a few.



One of the very first signs of dehydration(lack of sufficient water in the body) is the constant feeling of exhaustion. Even though our bodies are mainly made up of water, when we are missing a small amount, the body starts to feel funny and sluggish. This is how your body communicates to you to tell you it needs more water. Most of the time, we ignore this message thinking that we just need to slow down with work or take a break. Yes, we need to take a break. But you must take time to properly hydrate your body with water and other natural fluids. Your bodybneeds water to function properly.  But  how do you know you are drinking enough water? How do you measure it?One quick method is to take your body weight and divide it by half and drink half  of that in ounces. 


pexels-photo-1253589#2 INCREASE YOUR INTAKE OF VITAMIN B12

It is common to advice people who feel tired all the time and seem not to have much energy, to take B12 vitamin (cobalamin) of some sought because it is popularly known as the “energy vitamin”. B12 is so essential for energy production of the body and healthy brain function. Which foods contain B12? This vitamin is naturally found mostly in animal products. Try eating clams,  beef liver or kidneys, cottage cheese, tuna, salmon, sardines or fortified cereal to get a good serving of B12. Eggs are also a great source of B12.



You can choose between spinach, kale, swiss chard, bok choy, collard green or mustard greens. These vegetables are very low in caloric content but have high amounts of chlorophyll, magnesium, iron, vitamin C and many other important nutrients that are essential for ultimate energy production in the body. Instead of reaching for a candy bar or soda or fried/baked white flour when you feel tired, try making a green smoothie or chopping up a big green salad. The difference in results of energy level is clear. Have your greens!


So the next time you feel like you are dragging yourself out of bed into your whole day and end up dragging yourself back in bed, try a few of these tips to boost your energy and improve your brain function, mental clarity and focus. Be sure to check out a brand new article on health and wellness here www.ckmashfire.com every Monday.






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