Three Ways To Know What Your Really Eating!

image-1Do you know what you are yesterday? There is a difference between knowing what you ate and what you actually ate. Knowing the difference might shock you, if you have never really taken the time out to really understand your daily intake of food and drinks. 

One of the questions I get a lot goes something like this: “Coach Kay! I am eating really healthy but not losing any weight. What could be the problem?” The first thing I ask is “How do you know you are eating healthy?”. This is usually where they pause and suddenly realize that they probably had been simply  assuming they were eating healthy, but never seriously thought about it. 

Let us look at these five tips to help you in this aspect of your healthy journey.



Most food manufacturers know that we live in a very fast paced world and majority of people are always on the go. This means they don’t have time to read. So what most of them do is throw catchy words that appeal to their prospective buyers on the front of the box or bottle. Those catchy words are usually not the truth about what is inside the box. Words like ‘Heart Healthy, Gluten Free, Sugar Free’, etc are mostly used to get you to immediately believe them and trust their product. So how do manufacturers get away with this? How do they get away with false advertising? They write the real story in small print on the back of the box or bottle because they know we don’t have time to read all those small, tiny words.



The thought of coming home to a warm plate of fresh delicious home cooked meal sounds very appealing. But that plate cannot make itself. Someone has to do it. That someone is likely you. But I know, I know, it’s easier to just buy something from a fast food place on your way home right? Not correct. When you cook at home, you know exactly what you are putting in your food. You know every single spice or vegetable you put into your pot. When you grow your own vegetables, you understand how you grew them and what kind of things you put in the soil. You are not assuming, you know. 



One of the things I hated doing when I began my healthy journey was writing down everything I ate or drank and respective times. Honestly, I thought this was a very childish exercise. Until the day I tried it. Wow! It revealed a lot to me. I understood right away why I was not losing weight. I was eating too many calories. I had been basically eating about four thousand calories a day. This was supposed to be healthy food. This came as a great shock to me. I was drinking those healthy drinks but never paid attention to how much sugar is in a bottle. I was also eating too many times a day. It was right there in front of me. The truth!


As you now see, knowing what you are eating is an extremely exercise to adopt for better results in your healthy journey. When you know exactly what you’re eating and drinking, you are likely to make better health choices. It is never too late to take on a new habit in life. This is a healthy one to adopt.






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