Is Apple Cider Vinegar Truly Magical?

photo-1560371428-3ba1897786e6Vinegar simply means “sour wine”. Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) is a product that results from systematically fermenting apples. The “mother” is a combination of yeast and bacteria formed during fermentation. If you look at an apple cider vinegar bottle, you can see the strands of the “mother” usually sit at the bottom like mud. That is the most important part of the ACV. That is why you must shake the bottle well before use in order to reap all wellness benefits available in this natural mixture. 

 If you have been trying to lose weight lately or recently began a wellness journey, you must have tried ACV. Just think about how many weight loss drink/meal recipes you have come across lately with ACV as the main ingredient.  It is said to affect your weight, blood pressure, blood sugar levels, cholesterol, mood, etc. But is ACV the new magical key to unlock the look of youthfulness? Does it really do what people say it does? As you will soon see, ACV actually does most of the things people talk about, although most often there is a lot of exaggeration. ACV improves health but simply drinking it daily or taking ACV shots is not the cure for serious issues like curing cancer. Sensible ACV consumption works in combination with other factors to improve overall wellness. The key phrase here is “in combination with”. 


photo-1463367620918-d4824d05ce0e#1 BLOOD SUGAR LEVELS

In a 2004 study conducted at the Arizona State University by Johnston et all, “Vinegar Improves Insulin Sensitivity to a High-Carbohydrate Meal in Subjects with Insulin Resistance or Type 2 Diabetes”, they prove that ACV significantly lowered blood glucose levels after meals. It does this by blocking the absorption of starchy foods.  Many other studies have supported this claim. This does not show, however, that ACV cures diabetes. This is a disease that should obviously be taken seriously and not with daily shots and concoctions of ACV. 


photo-1560375208-9e0380d19cf3#2 WEIGHTLOSS

There is scientific evidence to support this claim, but unfortunately very limited. ACV can help stimulate production of hydrochloric acid in the stomach, which helps the digestive process and thus proper absorption of important and much needed nutrients your body cells need to improve metabolism and control weight. Consumption of ACV also helps to tell your brain faster that you are full. This helps in portion control and thus indirectly helps control weight gain. 

In one study, of the 155 people who were considered obese (BMI 23-30), it was  found that, ACV helped reduce body fat, resulting in a smaller waistline and less abdominal fat for those taking ACV than those in the control group that did not take ACV. Once again, there is enough evidence to show some correlation between ACV consumption and weight loss, but not enough to make it a magical weight loss potion. If it were, there would hardly be any obese people around considering the fact that ACV consumption has become so popular to use for weightloss. 


photo-1535127022272-dbe7ee35cf33#3 KILLS GERMS

It seems as though everytime we turn around, there is a recall of a certain vegetable like spinach, tomatoes, etc. How do we ensure that the vegetables we eat are relatively germ free? You could make sure you wash them well but that does not ensure that most of the hidden bacteria have been washed away or killed. Fortunately for us, we have studies that have proven that using ACV on our fresh salads and veggie smoothies help control the unintentional consumption of germs that may have made their way through the packaging process. 


Apple cider vinegar offers so many other benefits to improve overall health and wellness. It should be used with caution knowing that it could be a very powerful substance and at the same time not a cure for all. 






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