What Should I Do To Keep Losing Weight?


Surprisingly, this is one question I get every single week. People who seem to have been following the healthy lifestyle for years, often ask this question too. So don’t feel bad. 

The first question I almost always ask them inorder to help is; “what have you  been eating?” And guess what?  They almost always  respond like this; “I always eat healthy”.

That sounds good right? If you eat healthy you should lose the weight I thought.  So, what could be the problem? Why are they not losing the weight? Once I start asking more specific questions, I find out that either their quality of food choice or frequency of meals is gravely sabotaging all their efforts towards progressive  weight loss. Remember that not all healthy foods are created equal. For now let’s see how we can change the direction of your scale. 


Young woman working at home

There is no quick fix to weight loss. You either starve yourself or restrict your self from eating, lose the weight but get tired a few weeks down the line because you have put so much unnecessary stress on your body systems. Yes you lost weight. But now, you feel miserable because you are tired of eating celery and eggs everyday, for example. You now want real comfort food. Food with everything you love in it. Guess what? You will gradually indulge and eventually you regain the weight. There are no two ways. 


What is the solution?

 Understand that there are no quick ways to lose weight. Know that it took you years to put on the weight, so it will take a few years to lose it all. Look for small weekly changes and find comfort in those. Celebrate the small steps. For example; if you are now drinking only two sodas a day as compared to four a day two weeks before, then congratulate yourself for that. Don’t wait to celebrate only when you have lost 20pounds. This is a new lifestyle. Enjoy it. 


#2 Stop Snacking So Much


One of the most dangerous ideas the weight loss industry has successfully passed unto the public is encouraging people to eat five to six meals a day. The reason why we eat in the first place  is because our body needs energy from the right source in order to function and stay full. Most snacks are not always a good combination of fats, carbs and proteins that the body needs. They are mostly full of sugar and many other ingredients one can’t pronounce. This only makes you want to eat one hour later, this piling the calories and spiking your blood sugar  If you fail to give the body what it needs, it will force you to get energy wherever and however you can find it even through these seemingly healthy foods. This is a sure recipe for weight gain. 


What is the solution?

Eat foods that are natural and whole. Get whole and real  foods from your farm or farmers market. Take time to grow your own food if you have to. You do not have to have a big farm. You may start with growing fresh spices like basil or green onions in small pots inside your house. Add these fresh spices to your meals to boost your overall metabolism  You can then gradually move to growing tomatoes, green peppers, etc outside in a small garden. Grow your foods, cook your foods, lose weight. Simple. 


#3 Take It Easy On the Exercise


I think some people still think exercise accounts for most successful weight loss stories. Not at all  You will be surprised to know that it only accounts for a small percentage of about ten to twelve. What you eat matters much more. Sweating and doing intense workouts day in and out  do not equal automatic fat loss. You cannot heavily exercise six times a week and never ever pay for that. Eventually, your body gets adapted to your intense exercises and decides to start putting more weight because of the stress of exercise. The body never gets a chance to properly rest, so it never rebuilds itself properly. You cannot improve metabolism on such a non-stop intense exercise schedule. Weight gain becomes the result. 


What is the solution?

Take time to focus  more on your nutrition.It is important to exercise but you need to be smart about it. Adopt a schedule that you can easily maintain for a lifetime. Most people can exercise three times a week. Within those three days, focus on 50% lifting weights or doing HIIT type workouts, 30% cardio and 20% stretching and flexibility exercises. An exercise coach can design a good workout program for you. 


In conclusion, understand that weight loss is a lifestyle and not an event. So enjoy  it. Take your time to understand what you are doing and why you are doing it. Adopt exercise and nutrition habits that you are able to easily maintain for life. Once you do this, you will notice that at some point, you will actually start losing more weight than you may even want to. Good luck on your journey. 






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