I Lost Weight! How Do I Keep it Off?

I Lost Weight! How Do I Keep it Off


Many people say have a harder time keeping off the  any off the weight they lost, than actually losing the weight. Do you agree? Can you relate? 

Once my clients starts losing a lot of weight, I actually intensify my communication with them. You would think this is the perfect time for me to back off a little right? Not at all.  Once they start getting excited about losing weight, they spend more time taking and posting pictures, trying on old and new dresses, loving their mirrors all over again,  etc. They usually don’t realize  this but this becomes a huge distraction from what they consistently did to lose the weight.


It becomes very easy for them to put back on most of the weight they just lost, with this kind of  subconscious distractions. This is actually  when I expect them to take my instructions more seriously. But guess what? They don’t. Not out of disrespect but because they are subconsciously distracted with their new found health and body. Frequently  being carried away with the wonderful perks that come with weight loss,  they begin skipping one or two workouts here and there, start eating more fried/unhealthy foods, sleeping less hours, etc. The weight starts to slowly increase in unsuspecting body parts. Usually before they know it, they find out they have slowly regained fifteen to twenty pounds. But when? How?  This discovery is usually a wake up call to get back to the beginning of the program once again. But how do you keep this from happening? How do you stop the cycle of weight loss, then weight gain, then weight loss, then weight gain, etc? How do you stop this dreadful cycle?

Below  are some tips;

#1 Be Creative With Your Meals


When you start your weight loss journey, usually your meal choices are often limited. This works for sometime. After a while, the meals  may become boring and you would begin to have a taste for different kinds of foods. If you don’t think through these well, you may end up just eating unhealthy meals that you were used to before. So it is important to connect with others or research online for new meal ideas. Try a new meal idea every week. This keeps your mind focused on your new lifestyle and increases your chances of keeping the weight off. 

#2 Take Measurements Every Two Weeksflay-lay-scale-weights_23-2148262188crop-couple-preparing-healthy-salad_23-2148114226

Inorder for you to keep your weight off, you have to take personal responsibility. Decide on taking measurements like weight, waistline, hip circumference monthly or every two weeks. Another great idea is to pick one outfit that you frequently try out. Stay consistent with taking and recording these measurements. This is a great way you stay accountable to yourself and keep the weight off. 

#3 Stay Connected with A Group Of Like Minded People


I personally think this is one of the biggest secrets when it comes to keeping the weight off. Keep close contacts with group of people who are serious about losing weight or maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The group should encourage weekly or daily reports of some kind. This strategy is a must. This will definitely  help you to keep your weight off. 


It is not easy to lose weight. It is even harder to keep it off. Apart from the tips listed above, there are so many others that can help you maintain your new weight and keep the weight off. I will continue to share more tips in future blogs. Good luck on your journey. 





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