Is Water Buffalo Meat Really Much Healthier For You When compared to Cow Meat? What about Chicken or Pork? If you are looking to lower your cholesterol levels, a good water buffalo steak every once in a while may just be your solution.  Infact, buffalo meat is becoming so popular among meat eaters, it is the “up and coming meat”. Yes!

So personally,  I have never tried water buffalo meat. Why? Just not sure. This is a new thing. Let me ease into it by researching it’s health benefits and chatting about it first. But rest assured,  this is on my to do list for 2021. Well, let’s see how the year goes. 

According to www.difference.guru, “Buffalo meat is also known as carabeef in Thailand, the Philippines, and other Southeast Asian countries. Meat from buffaloes less than 20 months old is called padwa in Pakistan and India, or pado in Nepal. Buffalo calves are fed only milk with the sole purpose of making their meat taste better for consumers. Their meat gets mistaken for beef (sometimes on purpose) in some places. Buffalo meat is dark colored with milky-white colored fat.”

But what is the fuss about water buffalo? Why is this meat so much healthier for you than our usual cow? What does it taste like anyway? I hear it tastes just like beef but leaner. 

Www.askjohnthebutcher.com “According to the Australian Buffalo Industry Council Inc report.Water Buffalo meat has:

  • significantly lower fat content in its lean meat muscle,
  • it is less prone to marbling (white flecks of fat within the meat muscle) and
  • has approximately 43% less cholesterol than beef.

Water Buffalo meat has about the same protein amounts as chicken, 45% more iron, 61% less saturated fat and 33% less cholesterol when compared to other protein sources.”

And there you have it from the experts. Nothing further to add. Let me go try some water buffalo steak. Steamed fresh veggies on the side, mashed cauliflower and a cup of green tea. Enjoy yours!

I am humbly, COACHKAY



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  1. Where do we get this buffalo meat? Is it common in stores?


    1. Coach Kay Mashfire says:

      Try packing houses like BIG STATE MEAT Co
      814 N Jim Miller Rd
      Dallas, TX 75217 (214) 398-8339

      OMAHA STEAKS 10854 Preston Rd
      Dallas, TX 75230
      214) 368-7597


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