I have successfully coached highly motivated professionals in the past few years. But we all know that no one is perfect. I have noticed that the high energy these highly motivated clients bring in during the first two weeks of the program, starts to lose steam at about the third week mark. Motivation is needed but it is not always there. So how do I keep them motivated? Why does it seem like they have mastered the skill of consistency? Usually when they start performing lower or with less enthusiasm on certain tasks, I have to take urgent action and take them back mentally to the few days before they started the program. I have used several strategies to successfully get them back to that high energy space. Most of them have mastered these tips and now implement them without need for prompting. Let me share three of my favorite ones here with you. 


The thought of focusing on a goal to lose ten to fifteen pounds in one month can be overwhelming to anybody. The more you think about this, the more you push yourself too hard and risk stressing yourself to the point of fatigue. Now, once you start getting tired mentally, action slows down and results seem far fetched. So before the third week of any program I run (group or individual sessions), I start to anticipate and plan to set specific goals for that week. For example, I may send out a text on Sunday night and remind a client to get on the scale on Thursday and text me their weight that same day. This task ignites that fire again.  


The fact that I recommend the same exercise type, length, and frequency for two separate clients, does not mean that they have to do their exercise the same way. Let’s say  I expect them to do a gentle exercise routine for 30 mins, four times a week. One of them may decide to walk outside for thirty mins four times a week. The other client may not like walking altogether. They may have prefer riding a bike. Do they have a stationary bike at home? It is better to encourage them to use it instead. Sometimes they may want to walk outside twice and ride their bike twice indoors. The point here is, whatever you decide to do, make it enjoyable to you. The goal with this lifestyle is to get the results you desire. The more freedom one has to customize their journey so they have fun with every task, the more likely they are to stay consistently motivated. 


When one decides to transform their lives, they may rely solely on their inner motivation and daily self-talk. Sometimes as we move along the journey, self-talk becomes more negative than positive. This is why in addition to your inner motivation, you need motivation from outside. You need someone or something that pushes you to do better on those days when you simply don’t feel like it. When you don’t feel like eating another bowl of fresh greens or taking another timed walk on your treadmill. I always encourage my clients to find a tribe with people of the same mindset. A group of friends or even strangers who may later become close friends, who want to live a healthy life by making major life changing decisions like you. Whatever goal you are moving toward, surround your people who have similar goals as you. 

When you set out on any journey or plan to achieve something in life, you need motivation. The motivation is not always going to be readily present. You have to constantly take action to increase the fire of motivation. Consistent fire helps you achieve your goals without stress, doubt or frustration. 

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